S.R. Collection - Vintage Tray DecoS.R. Collection - Vintage Tray Deco

S.R. Collection - Vintage Tray Deco

3,620.00 NIS
S.R. Collection - Vintage Bowl DecoS.R. Collection - Vintage Bowl Deco

S.R. Collection - Vintage Bowl Deco

3,620.00 NIS
S.R. Collection - Vintage Vase DecoS.R. Collection - Vintage Vase Deco

S.R. Collection - Vintage Vase Deco

3,620.00 NIS

The S.R. collection captures a modern take on classic tableware. From softly glazed ceramics to distinctive glassware, mouth-blown glass objects and premium tablecloths, the array comprises all necessary articles for a covetable table setting.

Sophia and her mother, interior designer Louise Roe Andersen, have mingled their creative philosophies and personal aesthetics to curate a series of hand-crafted homewares. Whilst this is their very first collaborative collection, the two have long been working alongside one another, intertwining in various aspects of life, especially business.

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